Today’s Menu!

Panisses, Grün pesto, green pesto 4,5 €

Kalt Rind marieniert,weiss Bohnen,Gurken,Krauter 10 €

Cold marinated beef, white beans, cucumber, herbs

Hausgemacht Würst, Kartoffeln Creme, Radicchio 8,5 €

Housemade Sausage , Potatoes cream, radicchio

gekeimter Dinkel salat, geräucherte Rote Bete, aromatische Kräuter 9 €

Sprouted spelt salad, smoked beetroot aromatics herbs

mariniert Makrele, Algentartar Reis Cracker 8,5

marinated mackerel,Seaweed tartare, rice cracker

Roggen, Hartweisen raviolis, Mangold, Hirtenkase und Frischkäse von Stolz Kuh 11 €

Rye, hard weat raviolis,chard, fresh cheese and

«feta» from Stolz Kuh

Onglet Rind Steak,geröstet Kartoffeln, Lauch vinaigrette, Chimichurri Sauce 18

Skirt Beef Steak, hash brown potatoes, Leeks vinaigrette,

Chimichurri Sauce

Käse-Auswahl 7,5 €

Cheese selection

Quark von Stolz Kuh, Aprikose, Oliven Öl, Hysope 6 €

Curd from Stolz Kuh, apricot, Olive oil, Hysope

And of course a great selection of natural wines also to take away!

(all our dishes are made with raw organic products, our sourdough bread is homemade)


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La Malo


Located in the rough Neuköln, La Malo is a French / Restaurant / Bar / Natural Wine Shop / run by Pierre Lejeune, chef, wine lover and the person behind Des Quilles à Berlin, a natural wine importing company since 2012. The idea behind La Malo is to create a warm atmosphere dedicated to good food with vegetal and Mediterranean influences, 100% organic products and one of if not the most important, a wide selection of natural wines. 


“Natural”, “raw”, “naked”, “non-sulphited”, “vivants”… You can call it however you want, the spirit is still the same: organically grown wines, made with low-intervention by craft winemakers. As all our wines are directly sourced from wineries, our selection is unique, affordable and wide: whether you’re an amateur or a novice, we’ll find you the proper wine!

We offer a regularly changed selection by the glass, takeaway bottles and  tastings.

Some estates we work with : Sylvain Bock (Ardèche, Southern Rhône), Jérôme Jouret (Ardèche),  Olivier Cousin (Anjou, Loire Valley), Les Vignes d’Oliviers (Hérault, Languedoc), Christelle et Gilles Wicky (Jura), Domaine Gramenon (Côtes du Rhône), Les Maisons Brulées (Touraine, Loire Valley), Kumpf & Meyer (Alsace), La Roche Buissière (Vaucluse, Southern Rhône), Le Petit Domaine (Montpeyroux, Languedoc),… And many more!


Always fascinated by food product and its origin, Pierre graduated from the Culinary School of Ferrandi Paris in 2008 and later on, became head chef of the vegetarian restaurant Soya in Paris. He moved to Berlin in 2011 and worked during 5 years in Prinzessinengarten on a local and healthy cuisine where he is in close relation with the producers and gardeners, experimenting with fermented products, flowers, herbs, bakery… and much more!
Since July 2019 he gives the keys of the kitchen to Vanessa Raynal, and places La Malo in the continuity of this experimental cuisine with seasonal and vegetal products, fermentations in the glass and in the plate, and influences from Mediterranean-French cuisine!